Egg Yolks the Man-Way

I am deathly afraid of being fired by the 11 year old household Cake Boss.

She was not completely pleased by my latest attempt to bake a cake from scratch.

I will adopt this manly method of separating egg yolks to speed up household production.

21 thoughts on “Egg Yolks the Man-Way”

      1. Hawaii. They did not have reliable power here well into the 20th century so Spam was popular, and there is a lot of Japanese influence.

  1. Oh my, what a wonderful method. We’ll be trying it next time the need arises and will report back! Did the Cake Boss initiate you to this rite or was it frustration at such a large amount of required yolks? πŸ˜‰

    1. The latter! I hate separating eggs and I do it a lot for desserts… from tiramisu to chocolate truffles to the double-layer cake. I must spend half my day doing them! lol I hope your little creatures are warm and safe!

  2. Great idea….I will have to try it. My mother was a good cook especially baker, and I think she could have beat that clock with separating eggs – that lady had hands that moved fast. She could peel a potato starting at one end and ending with one long strip of peel and hardly have any potato on it. For me she had to break down and buy a potato peeler because I took have the tator with the peel!!! She always beat me when peeling potatoes. I like to cook but would fail as a prep cook. Your daughter will be proud!

    1. LOL, Patty. I’m sure you are a great cook…and baker! Want to learn how to peel those hard boiled eggs easily?

      1. Tap the egg all over against the counter surface, then roll it gently back and forth a few times on the counter.

      2. Begin peeling from the air pocket end. The shell should come off in spiral strips attached to the thin membrane.

      1. That is what mom taught me, she also said to rinse in cold water and let it soak for a few minutes before peeling. Once we learn the tricks of the trade cooking is not so difficult!

  3. Yes it works, nicely. My man-who-cooks-and-greases-the-burners, got the tip in an email, and thought he’d show off his new-found wisdom for me ( I have been sep’g eggs for MANY years, no sweat, eyes closed, using the egg shell— ‘expert’ level, I can’t be humble :P)…to humor him I watch him perform this trick…by Golly, Impressive! I still separate eggs the way nature intended, but I highly recommend this for those folks who haven’t the time for goofs, etc. I especially liked the bottle used as yolk-saver…although, experts say it isn’t hygienic (possibly unsafe) to reuse these disposables.

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