4 thoughts on “About Military Uniform Regulations”

  1. Speaking from the other side of the Atlantic, this post did not come over well. I agree that there are very good reasons for combat troops to wear appropriate uniforms, and to adhere to standards which will minimise problems in the field. The writer, however, seemed most keen to mask these sensible concerns with his far-right political views. Last night on UK TV there was a programme about WW1 showing wounded Indian troops being treated in a hospital (where each religion was respected and given its own kitchen) in the Pavilion in Brighton. There were Sikhs (in turbans), Hindus and Muslims all of whom had fought, as so many brave Americans did, to stop one nation taking over Europe. Camaraderie does not depend on appearance or religion.

    1. Thank you for visiting, Hilary, and for your good thoughts. I agree camaraderie should not depend on appearance or religion. The writer is voicing his care and concern for our troops. A fighting force must be treated as a unit was his point. Everyone is treated equally. It’s a factor for coming back alive.

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