What employers are really looking for

For my friends who have veterans in their family or their social circles…

Orders to Nowhere...

I have been fortunate to participate in no small number of veteran employment panels in which human resources professionals and corporate recruiters share their insights with veterans.  Time and again the same question invariably is posed to the panel:

“What are employers really looking for?”

That really is the million dollar question, and it is invariably answered with a single word:


It sounds simplistic, but it’s true.  Employers are seeking to fill holes in their organizational chart, and those holes must be filled by people who are qualified to perform the tasks and assume the responsibilities that come with the job.  Those who have served in the military are certainly ready to assume the responsibility that comes with a position within a company; after all, responsibility is what wearing a uniform is all about.  Responsibility to protect and defend the nation and its citizens, responsibility to  comrades in arms…

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2 thoughts on “What employers are really looking for”

  1. People so rarely know how to put into language what they have learned. Way back women stayed at home to bring up children, then tried to get into the work force when they left home. In interviews they would say they had been ‘just a housewife’ for fifteen years or whatever. Then one day a women sat down and listed what she had done for fifteen years and it made a long and impressive list. At her next interview she explained that she had been a ‘domestic engineer’ and was able to list the vast set of skills acquired over that time…

    1. Hilary, once again your humanity and wisdom shine through. And both of you authors have a magnificent way with words! The term domestic engineer has helped bring on change as well!

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