28 thoughts on “Popeye!”

  1. Another weird American can – much more interesting than ours I might add. Do you have any with Olive Oil on them? I’m guessing Bluto does the double cheeseburgers?

    1. LOL. BTW, I think its Olive Oyl, with a “Y” and it was Wimpy that asked for the hamburgers today… I loved that cartoon! Years ago, Robin Williams did a great job acting out Popeye in a movie.

  2. Thar you go, Parents! get your kids hooked on Popeye cartoons and then they’ll eat *this* spinach . . . it’s a plot! I tell you, a plot! Trying to make your kids eat good, lol.

  3. Who would have ever thought, when we were kids, that Popeye would become a retro item!! A toast to whatever executive came up with this out of his long memory!! O_o

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