Does This Make Me A Bad Person?

I felt she had good words to read and then contemplate on…

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I’m standing still right now.   Not moving anywhere.  I’m afraid to look ahead.   Part of me wants to freeze the right now.  But I can’t.  I can’t stop time.  I can’t stop changes from happening.

I know what kind of person I claim to be.

Now I have to be it.

Or not.

I’m at the fork.    Needing to decide so I can move.

I need to move.

I’m standing here knowing I’ve decided I don’t want retaliation in my life.  I don’t want revenge.  I don’t want any more bad things to happen.  Not to anyone.  I don’t want to wish suffering on anyone.

But I do want something.

I wish for people in this world to understand.  To comprehend and truly realize the impact of the their actions, their words, and their in-actions on others.  I want them to wake up, look in the…

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