Who Is Holding The Weapon?

The Taliban are indeed shooting at our young men and women… But I feel so is our Administration…not with bullets but with unappreciative words and unsupportive action. What are your thoughts?

The Chatter Blog

I don’t know much about politics.

So this isn’t about politics.

But about my initial reaction.

And it’s fear.

My Soldier My Soldier

Fear for our soldiers.


This soldier belongs to someone.

Someone loves him.

Someone loves her.

Someone can say

“This is my soldier”.

Who is holding the weapon?

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2 thoughts on “Who Is Holding The Weapon?”

  1. Our ‘administrations’ sympathies are with the enemy and always have been. Trading 5 terror masterminds for a converted Islamist, and standing with his ‘Taliban’ father in the Rose Garden of the White House, was no mistake, or miscalculation. That was meant to rub our nose in the ‘administration’s’ views about this country.

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