I Will Find Death

Very profound…

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I will find death.  Because it’s there to be found.  It is not elusive.  And I, here, am not eternal.  But when I find it I’ll have a few things to say in welcome.  Yes, welcome.  And a few things to say in parting.

To death I will say – you don’t get me because you have that power.   You don’t have any power.  You are just a gateway.  A means.  A passage.  You don’t get me because you steal me from life.  You get me because it’s my time and my agreement to go.  Before I was here-my life was laid out-and I agreed to live it.  I agreed to return once I was done.  I may not know all purpose I serve but when I agreed I knew.  And I’ll know again when I’m done.   There must be a fabulous reason I would have agreed to…

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5 thoughts on “I Will Find Death”

  1. Yes, she knows to grab life by the throat and shake it, so when death finds her, she will have little to regret.
    When death finds us, we will have so much to learn, in a good way possibly.
    Death is the greatest mystery of life.
    I suspect that if we live our life the best we can, death will be an interesting surprise.
    It’s living life with regret that is to be feared.
    Not death.
    Now the process of dying itself. That is scary, because we may suffer and are half way between. one place and another.

    1. So true, Cindy, so very true. I do not “fear” death myself…but do wish it will be swift and with minimal suffering. But Chatter Master can really write!

  2. Thank you for reblogging Chatter Master’s essay on death. The older I get, the richer death makes my life. Strange to see it that way, but it appears others do, too. Beautiful essay.

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