Johnny Carson’s Best Practical Joke

While I am not a supporter of the entertainment industry using their power to call attention to one of their own for whatever reason, I felt this reblog would perhaps bring a smile into your day…

Masako and Spam Musubi

Yes, I was a fan of Johnny Carson.  Although I could never really watch his shows as they aired so late at night…

But he was a great practical joker.  And this is my absolute favorite.  Always fun to watch – and listen to – again.

Put aside the joke was played on Joan Rivers.  But then again, she is what makes the joke so precious…and this was before she became the Queen of Plastic.

The last few seconds alone are worth the view!

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16 thoughts on “Johnny Carson’s Best Practical Joke”

  1. I thought Joan really kind of stuck to her guns about the humor, even throwing in how we helped England in the WAR?? (we did that and you’re griping about me teasing the Royal family!?) … amazing. And SO very funny! Thanks, Koji San!
    and what a shame that Rivers and Carson didn’t speak after that rift.

    1. Indeed… They did not talk after some kind of big tiff that I just cannot recall now… And Johnny died in such anguish. He told someone before his passing that he could make millions of strangers laugh but he failed to communicate with his own immediate family.

    1. I’m sorry if your comment was put in the spam folder! I also didn’t realize there are a few steps to go through before the comments even get published, too! But I felt she did indeed take to the surgeon once too often. At the end, her face looked like Jack Nicholson’s Joker. 🙂

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