Brendan Tevlin….It took Todd Pettingill to get your story out

A very important bit of information – for you and your family to digest…

GeeeZ ....

brendanYou must (MUST, please!) read THIS ARTICLE.   I’m hoping Bill Maher (see my post beneath this one today) hears about this and talks about it.

Then, because you’ll be SO MAD at what you read in the article,  HERE is the audio on The Todd Show.  The DJ, Todd Pettingill is trying to wake Americans up to the fact that domestic terror IS here.  The killer admits he was on a jihad.   He shot poor Brendan Tevlin, 19 year old kid who was a wholesome, nice boy, but whom the police apparently suggested was in a drug deal because they don’t want folks to hear about this incident and find out it IS terrorism!

brendan funeral

As Todd puts it “He was a young boy who was killed for being an American”   …I will add “…on American soil!”  The killer admitted this was a retribution for muslims being killed abroad.  And…

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      1. I do but I rather neglect it. I should use it a lot more, since I like doing photography. But I do not have your eye for balance and composition. I admire your work.

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