A Humbling Easter Sunday

Due to parenting duties, my story on the firebombing of Tokyo viewed from both sides had to take a temporary back seat for a few days… But it is Veteran’s Day. This is a story of the love for a WWII Marine’s wife who recently lost her veteran husband after 66 years of marriage. Cherish our veterans, I say…

Masako and Spam Musubi

5th Marines

Easter Sunday turned out to be a tough day – emotionally for me, at least.

But it was even tougher for a 90 year old widow of the Greatest Generation.


Marge Johnson.

We went to visit her husband’s grave site…

Mr. Doreston “Johnny” Johnson.  Sergeant, United States Marine Corps.  World War II.


As I was cutting down trees and chipping the cuttings in the backyard this past Good Friday, Marge’s caretaker drove Marge up to see me.  What a pleasant surprise – besides, it gave me a great excuse to stop working.

After chatting, she brought up her husband.  It had been a year since his funeral with full military honors and that she hadn’t been back to see him.

She didn’t need to say anything more.

We agreed I would take her to see him two days later – Easter Sunday.


Mostly, I will let…

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7 thoughts on “A Humbling Easter Sunday”

    1. As I mentioned in the reply to Chatter Master, it is selfish to re-blog one’s own story but Veteran’s Day was too important. We are losing veterans like Mr. Johnson was each day…and soon there will be none.

      1. At first, when I started the Salutes, it wasn’t difficult to find an obituary for WWII – but NOW? I can’t keep up. Because of the age they have now reached, they are going so quickly!! It breaks my heart to see it….

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