She’s Killing Me #4

Taken in 2009

Well, I got in the last word tonight.


After we came back from her dance class tonight, I began to clean up the mess in the kitchen from making dinner. I was taking a pan off the range.

Little Cake Boss: “Papa, the stove top needs to get cleaned.”

Me: ………Silence… while I raise my eyebrows and stare at her… You know, the YOU clean it stare.

Little Cake Boss: She turns around and quickly prances away, doing some kind of ballet thingy.

Me: PricelessI thought to myself. I got the last word in for once

until I realized she left, leaving me to clean the stove top.

Darn that girl.  She got the last word in again.

22 thoughts on “She’s Killing Me #4”

      1. イバラ様、御無沙汰しております。申し訳御座いません。最近、90才の叔母はいろんな小さい事でパニックしたり、子供達カゼひいちゃったり(僕も!)、戦争に関する書類を通訳したり。。。ごめんなさいね。贅沢です!!

      2. 金本様
        わざわざお返事ありがとうございます。色々大変ですね(><)どうか無理だけはせず、お身体を大切にしてくださいね。健康第一です!! I realise it’s much easier said than done…

  1. She has your father’s facial features. That’s what struck me at first.
    I love her character. She’s pretty clever.

  2. Now that made me smile…and I have to fess up. I had my wonderful dad wrapped around my finger when I was a little girl. Best thing about it was that it helped me grow up being happy and confident…and I never once felt that I should settle for a man who was any less enamored of me. Best thing a girl can have going for her is a loving papa…and I can tell by the way you write about her that you’re just that! A fun read!

  3. Haha, yes, that cuteness helps them get away with stuff! She’s adorable. My daughter says, “Yeah, yeah, I’ll do it later,” as she prances out the door. Adding, “I love you, Momma.” Grrrr.

  4. it is a good photo – and whew – these teen years are layered – and hope the stove came out spic and span! and shows how you so well seem to know – that when we are raising “leaders” there is always this give and take…

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