Jimmy Stewart’s Dog, Beau

One of my favorites from Johnny Carson… Jimmy Stewart’s dog named Beau.

Shootin' the Breeze

I have written many posts about our dog named Beau.  Jimmy Stewart, the actor, had a similar dog with the same name.  He wrote a poem that he read on Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show back in 1981.  It is funny and more.  Click on the link below.  I expect that you will be glad to have the experience.

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14 thoughts on “Jimmy Stewart’s Dog, Beau”

    1. Me, too. I have Carson’s DVD set and if memory serves, he preceded this poem with a story about him and Lassie. I wish I knew how I could post that passage up!

    1. What was sad was at the end of his life, Johnny remorsed that while he was successful in communicating to millions of strangers, he failed with his family…

  1. I remember the night he read that on Carson. Yes, I was up that late at that young an age…lol

  2. Thanks – I have not seen Jimmy Stewart on any shows ( I know, I know…)- but I do like him and each year my husband always insist we watch “it’s a wonderful life” at xmas – and of course “a christmas carol” –

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