The Three Second Rule, Food and Cigars

I firmly do NOT believe in the three second rule… especially when it comes to the kids.

In fact, it’s more like the micro-sub-second rule.

I don’t care if it’s one of my homemade chocolate truffles or a hard candy.

You see, once the food hits the kitchen floor, it legally belongs to the dog. It’s a transfer of ownership. It does not belong to my kids anymore nor especially my granddaughter if she comes.

If the dog is not present, the food gets wasted. It goes into the trash can. Tough luck, dog.


You see, I think the floor is smothered with yukkies – like dust, microbes, viruses, insect do-do and of course, dog saliva from previous ownership transfers. I can’t imagine allowing those yukkies getting into young mouths. I, too, don’t eat things that fall on the kitchen floor for exactly the same reasons.


However, an entirely different rule applies to me when I’m outside.

If I drop my cigar – onto the sidewalk where crows do their dastardly deeds or onto a parking lot spotted in days-old engine oil or on the grass where dogs freely mark their territory – the three second rule DOES apply.

I dropped my cigar. It does not belong to the dog.

In fact, it might as well be a three MINUTE rule.  The cigar can rest on the dirt for a few minutes, even like when I’m doing macro photography.

But…unlike the mundane food, the cigar will not get thrown away. I will not waste it. The dog will definitely not get it.

It will go back into my mouth. I will not give the bacteria from the crow do-do or the grit from used engine oil or fermented dog pee on the lawn a second thought.

You see, it isn’t food. That’s why I can pick up the cigar and put it back in my mouth.

Do you see the logic?

32 thoughts on “The Three Second Rule, Food and Cigars”

  1. Not really, although I do think that we all run a little too scared of germs. The three second rule is a good way to build up your germ immunity, although we don’t have a dog, so that is not an issue.

    1. Well, I no longer have a dog either. I do miss the natural garbage disposer! And for what it’s worth, I would believe Churchill had the great same logic! LOL! ☺

      1. No way! You’re firmly in the patriot-friend camp.

        I’ll tell you something that will make you shiver. When my youngest was a toddler I found him chewing something and pulled it out of his mouth. It was a big piece of hot dog. We hadn’t had hot dogs in a few days so I was confused. I asked him where he got it and he pointed under the couch. Apparently, he had thrown it from his high chair days before and he’d watched it roll under there. When he got hungry, he went and retrieved it! Ah……horrible!!

  2. Makes perfect sense to me. i will do the same, place my cigar on the ground, grass, curb, sidewalk, railway track etc while I frame up a shot. No foul, no harm.

  3. A recent study proved that the three (or five second rule depending on your pout of view) is a myth. Germs don’t pounce on a piece of food or other item dropped and that it is ‘safe’ to eat. Of course if it’s heavily soiled, you’d be mad to consume it, but I do believe that we are becoming a world of ‘softies’ destined to be consumed ourselves by superbugs developed by our own fears and obsessive cleanliness. As for the cigar isn’t that a bigger health risk in itself. A whole can of (dirty) worms opened now! 🙂

    1. I 100% agree the US is becoming a land of over-sanitized softies. 75 yrs ago, folks survived before penicilin. Now we have super bugs hand sanitizers at supermarkets. Anyways, this story was an attempt at humor – one that cigar lovers would say “me too”! 😁

      1. I certainly agree, even not being a smoker I can see the funny side and do a similar thing myself. A highly amusing post that many of us can relate to. 🙂

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