3 thoughts on “The Firebombing of Tokyo – Part 1”

    1. Hey, Rob! Thanks for visiting once again.

      Yes, I am well; just very, very busy being a single parent to two teenaged kids, recently re-married and zipping around town.

      I hope you are well too! How did your book turn out?

      1. Busy must be our middle name. Like you, I am going here to there and back here again at a reckless speed.

        Congrats on getting married. I am sure that Mrs. Koji brings you great happiness, peace, calm and a reliable counsel.

        I sent the book off to a editor and she helped me realize that there were some issues with the book. The easiest thing to fix it was to dump everything and start from scratch. That sounds horrible, but it was the right decision. So far, I am about 40K words into the new/old/re-organized book. But the good news is that I am working towards the goal and lots of ground work has been laid for books 2,3, and 4. My favorite character, Koji should appear in Book 5 now. He is going to be a cool dude just like you.

        Peace to you sir!

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