Anybody ever hear of the chemical “bud nip”?! Learn about it here…


In the 1980’s I lived on Glen Drive, in Hudson, New Hampshire with my two teens.  I grew a variety of vegetables and canned high acid foods and pickled some others.  Having only a front yard available for planting, the rest of the property wooded, folks in the neighborhood didn’t like seeing my little raised bed on the small hillside out front. Regardless, no one stopped me, though I was told that they didn’t like seeing it. The garden was close to the walkway and front door of the split-entry home, and well away from the street.

Why not?  Was it me they didn’t want to see? Was it my makeshift gathered-from-the-woods raised bed?  New England has rocky soil and digging out all the rocks became too much, so I built ↑ up.   The woodchucks were happy – they moved in, under one side of the garden plot. Determined to satisfy…

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    1. While I am not a follower of “organic”, it was indeed enlightening to have listened to this very young girl (albeit likely coached by not so young a girl). 🙂 And yes, it is a tad scary.

      1. She did a wonderful job!!!!! 🙂 I was riveted and have always been sure that we are poisoning ourselves. I believe her!!!

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