Hire the Unemployed

We should hire the unemployed; they are eager to work.

Here’s one that I recently hired to wash my dishes.  No tipping was necessary, either.  Win/win situation.

Hard at work.

Trouble is, she won’t leave after finishing and asks for even more work.

Looking for more work.

22 thoughts on “Hire the Unemployed”

      1. Don’t tell my husband, he might just hire her!! We already have 4 dogs, the three males “walk the perimeter” to guard the house and the female is “retired” and makes sure we all know it!! LOL He might just say we need another one to wash the dishes (that is his job by the way!) Thanks for the chuckle of the day! Patty

  1. It’s not always easy to find good workers. When you find one that suits you, you are very lucky!

  2. Precious! Of course I’d be sleeping with her out in the dog house if my wife ever caught me letting her (or any dog) licking a plate (or spoon, fork, bowl – whatever!) that we use!

    LOL, she needs a sign: “Will Work for Scraps”. Probably one of the better deals in town!

      1. 🙂 LOL, but you ARE in the dog’s house! Just ask her! (the dog). I’m sure she thinks she owns the place by now, LOL!

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