No scenery like this here in the concrete jungle… Sure looks inviting, doesn’t it?

From a Montana Front Porch

Have you ever just taken a drive for the sake of seeing whats on the other side of the hill? And then the next and then the next and, oh well, what the heck, we might as well see what around that corner up there also. Oh look! Another corner/hill! Lets look just so we know! I mean, if we don’t, then we might miss something spectacular! Something that leaves us speechless. For me the speechless part is a big deal! Seriously, it doesn’t happen very often!

Jason introduced me to the art of driving just to drive early in our relationship. I remember us going out in my truck, and him pulling out onto this dirt road that we had never been down before. I finally had to ask him where we were going and he simply stated, “for a drive.”

“Ya, but a drive to where?”

” I don’t…

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