Presidential Campaign and Child’s Play

I am disgusted.  Disgusted with the cheap shots that the Presidential campaign trails are littered with.

One child says, “He said that.”

The other child says, “No, I didn’t.  You started it!”


The campaign for the presidency of (what I feel is) the greatest country in the world has not left kindergarten.

And the all powerful media loves it.  Perhaps they are still in pre-school.

I am disgusted.

Sorry for the rambling.

17 thoughts on “Presidential Campaign and Child’s Play”

    1. Isn’t it? I will not discuss who I would (not) vote for… In fact, I wouldn’t vote for either – except for the fact that so many young men lost their lives fighting for our right to democracy and therefore, voting.

    1. It is really sad… and someone needs to spank the media and get back to plain reporting. So many newspeople feel it is in their right to LOUDLY and persistently broadcast their thoughts on national TV. Just report, please. The important stuff. Sans the commentary. Period.

    1. Totally agree. “I believe in this and will support it with that,” not “You were involved with…blah, blah, blah.” Nor would I want the president of my country to blatantly LIE. Period. Oops. Rant. I must stop.

  1. It would be such a idealistic notion, to have good men vying for this honor by being honorable, and focused on the task at hand. And sharing with us their values and ethics and plans.

  2. I hear you loud and clear. I don’t care what party a person is part of. I just want a candidate that is honest, plain-speaking, hard working, less interested in talk and more interest in action. Will that candidate ever appear?!? Sadly, I think not. No good and honest person would want to be associated with the jokers that currently run our country….. There is my rant. Now I’ll stop. But if you run for president, I’ll vote for you! 🙂

  3. We agree with you here as well. Ramble all you want, I will make room for you on my soap box as well!! You are right they all need a visit from the “board of education” that is what the one sister called it when we went to school. 😦

  4. There are no good candidates this year. I vote we all write in “Mickey Mouse” and let that tell them of what we think of this campaign.

    The lying is really getting me – it’s blatant. They know, we know, they know we know and they keep putting it out there. Is that where our government politics have gone to? To where ‘we’, as a public, tolerate this sort of outrageous (and to me immoral) behavior?

    Sometimes I think we should move to government by election – the people’s election of what should be done and what mustn’t – by internet proposal. Yeah, maybe I’m too full of cynicism – but I foresee a ‘one world government’ one day – ran by the people for the people – and the politicians? There will be none. There would just be the ‘voice of the people’ (and will of the people) worldwide, through the internet – while maintaining our regional identities and ‘selves’ as nations (or economic blocks, as the trend seems to be going). I don’ t know sometimes – that’s how sick these governmental ‘poly-ticks’ have gotten me.

    We voted them in. ‘They’ are giving us no choices nowadays. It seems Washington is in it’s own world – but one which affects EVERYONE – and I don’t just mean ‘us Americans’ because our interests and hands are in everything it seems. “The Western Way” has become something to follow, a shining beacon for the world – and yet we continue to fall prey to false politics – now seeing ‘them’ for what they are: brazen liars each competing for power, and the power over our own lives. They are in it for themselves nowadays – if only for influence and power. That desire can be like a drug – and they’ve drugged themselves into the delusion that we cannot see – or that we, the American public, are powerless or too herded and sheeplike to do anything – including what it takes. Getting rid of the whole crew – and finding someone else. Someone who doesn’t want the job – so he’ll do it responsibly. .

    They say ‘absolute power corrupts’, and the idea of leading the world’s most powerful nation has corrupted these messed up souls too far – beyond redemption. And I don’t think I’m the only one.

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