A Former Mechanic’s Almond Frangipane Tart

Well, this former mechanic got his greasy hands back into the kitchen.  No explosion, either.

Strawberry and Almond Frangipane Tart

Another Cathy Thomas Cooks recipe, it was relatively straight forward.  Didn’t need a wrench.  Please click on the link for the recipe (since people seem to be asking).

Small kitchen appliances are rather skimpy in my kitchen so I had to improvise – my coffee grinder in place of a food processor.

Didn’t have a food processor so I improvised… A guy’s perogative.

I did find the pie weights to be a great tool.  Lucky I had some in my toolbox…not.  Went out and bought a bag.  You know – a guy thing.  A tool for every job.

A close up… Sorry about the tin foil but I only had one plate.

One of my best pals passed away so I made his widow a tart for Mother’s Day.

For the single guys out there…  The gals at the office love it.

(Cathy Thomas has some neat recipes on her website, too!)

26 thoughts on “A Former Mechanic’s Almond Frangipane Tart”

  1. That looks simply beautiful and I’m sure the taste is just as good. And, what a kindness you are to others.

  2. I love coffee grinders! One for herbs, one for coffee and one for, the stuff that can’t go into any of the other grinders. !! 🙂
    You improvised wonderfully! And your result, so pretty!
    May I send some blackberries for the next tart?

    1. What is funny is that I rarely use that KitchenAid grinder. I use a hand crank coffee grinder… the smell of fresh coffee being ground just can’t be beat.

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