Nuckin’ Futs

Nuckin’ Futs.

That’s the name of an old man.

An old and round Asian man.

Nuckin’ Futs

Only Nuckin’ Futs would drive an orange car…with a wing in the back.

Loud.  Low.

It was so low a cigarette pack couldn’t squeeze under it

Windows in the “you-have-the-right-to-pull-me-over” tint.

Photo by Drew Phillips

In the land of the California Highway Patrol.  LAPD.  LACS.

They love Nuckin’ Futs…a lot.

LEO’s love Nuckin’ Futs’ loud orange car

Why is that?

Polished Roushcharger with polished 2.57″ Carmen pulley; 505 HP VMP tune

Supercharger with pulley

Roush Cold Air Intake

PVD Black Chrome Moroso tanks and valve covers

Car stops on a yen.  Wilwood six-pistons with 14″ slotted and cross-drilled rotors and “Red Stuff” pads with fat Yokohama S.drives

Nuckin’ Futs gets to sit on full six-way power and HEATED leather seats…as does Nuckin’ Futs’ little girl on the way to school…

…while looking at Jack Roush’s signature in front of her.

Mr. Roush signing Nuckin’ Futs’ car

Before the before the “Before the Boo Boo” Now look.  You got it, yes?

Before the before the “Before the Boo Boo” Now look

Before the “Before the Boo Boo” Now look.  Nuckin’ Futs behind the wheel.  Only four of these body kits were in the US; the other three were on show cars.

Photo by Drew Phillips.

Before the Now look

Ouch. 12:30 AM near Gilroy, CA.

The Now Look

Just for fun – anyone see “Cars”?  See ya.

A summary of the larger mods for gear heads

15 thoughts on “Nuckin’ Futs”

    1. ‘Tis I, me Lady. Round belly, funny ears to listen to thy commands and cat-like eyes to read thy Holy Words on this here blog. Oops. That there last part was Iowa speak. 🙂

      1. YOu make me chuckle! I like those funny ears and round belly. They are quite adorable. But how do I know you didn’t use a picture of someone else???? People are known to do that you know. And Iowa speak is totally acceptable. 😉

  1. I can appreciate this car on several levels, an old mechanic being one. Drive a Mustang myself – a much more sedate edition, tho – V6 Std. 2000 convertible, first one I owned. Gotta love them Pony cars – miss the days when I could work on one. Enjoy! Drive in style – and keep your eyes on the road. 🙂

      1. A very expert wrench turner. Quite literally taught to rebuild EVERYTHING down to making my own nuts and bolts – or honing a cylinder; diagnosing hydraulics & air – et ALL. Turns out I have a photographic mind for “it” (technical fact/detail). Taught mechanics, too as part of my stint in the Marine corps. Multifuel, diesel, gas, 2 stroke, 4 stroke, electric, 4×2,4×6, heavy equip, 20 ton – transmission rebuild, electrical rebuild – 6 years of school plus 5th Echelon in the Marine Corp (top of the line).

        Yeah – I’m good. Just out of date – got tired of cussing the engineers and went and joined them. My mechanics knowledge is what got me through that school – and leading the class again (Dean’s List Grad, only one out of 90 . . .)

        But I’m out of the trade now. Got a nice shop with tools, tho’ – a bit outdated, like me, LOL!!

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