Sandy Aftermath and Fraudsters

I receive FBI news and alerts as a normal part of my day.

Unfortunately, many unscrupulous (and that is an understatement – they are pond scum) people defraud thousands of people pleading for donations to help out the people affected by a disaster.

Instead, the money goes straight to their pocket or to some organized crime/terror network.

If you are so kind and noble as to want to help out our Sandy victims, please read this following FBI alert before doing so:

Tips on Avoiding Fraudulent Charitable Contribution Schemes

Thank you for your kindness if you do donate.

14 thoughts on “Sandy Aftermath and Fraudsters”

    1. I hope you don’t feel I’m putting a wet blanket on good giving. I just want to ensure the money does go where they think its going… Even then, sometimes the overhead of running that charitable organization allows for only a portion of your donation to reach the victims. That’s why I would ship used clothing and shoes or food stuff when I could…not money.

      1. Not a damper at all! I’m in the business of investigating people (elderly) being scammed and taken advantage of. So any thing to protect those who are giving and compassionate is certainly appreciated!

  1. The news out here is be very careful who you hire to help you with clean up work. The “Travelers” are on a feeding frenzy taking advantage of the elderly and naive. Recommending using only licensed contractors that BBB can verify.

  2. “I receive FBI news and alerts as a normal part of my day.” . . . . hmmm, just what DO you do for a living, anyway? LOL.

    Anyway: you are right – a “good bargain” isn’t always a good deal (if you are hiring for repairing). Demand credentials and beware: do your followups. Check the rosters on the “Charitable Causes” to make sure you know what your dollar is going for.

  3. Spent my life working for nonprofits that depend upon public support. They can’t exist without it and play a very valuable role in our society. Beyond outright fraud, there are two other important questions. One is the cost to raise a dollar. How much of the money you contribute goes toward the particular cause. Second, and more difficult… how effective is the organization. What kind of bang does your buck deliver?

  4. Thank you for posting this. Crisis like this brings out the worse of scum. I too work with non-profits and one works specifically for disaster relief, I have seen and heard some sad stories of disaster victims being victims again to con artist taking their insurance money and never returning to do the work or doing shoddy work. It is such a shame. We all need to be aware and always check to see if the organization is legit or better yet, only give to those you know are legit non profits.

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