13 thoughts on “Thank You, Corpsman”

      1. I see a lot of the shame Koji. 😦

        But, on the flip side, I see a lot of good good things being done for our veterans from every day people who these veterans signed up to protect. I think I am safe in saying I see much more “good” from the “ordinary” person in the community, than bad. Bad usually falls under the category of “lack of” care and provisions for them. From the bigger ups.

    1. On the outside, at least, he is coping… but inside… Just like Old Man Jack and Mr. Johnson, he is likely reliving his ugly memories each night… Thank you for visiting!

      1. I wonder what pressures we should be applying in Washington to be sure that our veteran’s are being well cared for upon their return. I’m a supported of the Wounded Warrior organization, but I admit I’m not really following where the gaps may be from Washington. I do need to ask more questions. I really enjoy your posts about our veterans. You keep them in the forefront of my mind. Thank you!

  1. I agree with everyone…especially your last comment – wishing our “elected cronies will do something for these young Americans”.

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