Fiscal Cliff?

Fiscal cliff?

Baloney…and not the Oscar Mayer type.

Our bozos in Washington have likely failed basic math in their schooling.


I don’t believe these numbers are 100%accurate – certainly not in the trillions or bazillions or whatever that number is called.  But they will serve to get the message across.  (I received something like this in our 100% believable emails but I played with the formatting a bit.)

The numbers are so gigantic, I thought this would put our country’s budget woes into more of an understandable mindset:

First, our country’s:

Federal Level
Federal Level

Next, let’s just remove NINE zeros and pretend it is a household budget:

Family Level
Family Level

Really isn’t that difficult to understand, is it?

More importantly, who’s gonna pay the debt off?  I’m sure you can guess better than our elected idiots.

Rant over.

33 thoughts on “Fiscal Cliff?”

    1. They just passed legislation to “combat” this fiscal crisis. What a crock of _hit it is. Tax, tax, tax on a small number of people is NOT going to do a darn thing to affect the overspending…

  1. Extremely clever way of putting those ridiculous numbers in perspective. I’m so sick of the debt. With that, why should any ordinary citizen care about debt when our own leaders do nothing about the big one?
    I think capitalism is dead and people need to be independent from government. Of course, this won’t be allowed, such as saving our own money for retirement…
    As a race, it’s likely we are doomed to extinction, unfortunately, as we continue to be short-sighted, cruel, thoughtless destroyers.
    OOOOhhh… Negative!
    Happy New Year, Koji.

    1. Have you heard of what the bozos in Congress passed?? Tax, tax and more tax but no definitive spending cuts – except to say the military is targeted. What a crock.

  2. You’re correct ! Their arithmetic is not only terrible, but so is their ability to do their job. Gridlock is a tradition with Congress. If you care to, you might read 2 articles I wrote dealing with this same subject, they’re pretty short & you might like the music that comes with them…



      1. That’s one of the big reason these people spend millions to be elected and re-elected…. other reasons are an unreal pension, the best healthcare plan on the planet, junkets at our expense, and after they retire, 5 and 6 figure honorariums for speeches, etc. Voter turnout needs to be 85% or 90%, not 50%. When voter turnout is around 50%, that’s the same as telling them, “We are not really that concerned about well you do your job.”
        Americans need to start voting in some serious numbers.

    1. Sorry to bother you again, but I noticed you’ve already read HEAR YE! HEAR YE! 55 YEARS IS LONG ENOUGH…, but please read it again…I’ve revised it, and it’s a little shorter and definitely more to the point…

  3. Well done, Koji. Would you by any chance be interested in moving to Pennsylvania and running for elected office?

    1. That blithering, self-centered idiot just approved a pay raise for Congress!! WTF! They won’t spend a red cent more for our wounded warriors but they pay themselves more money they don’t really have first?????

  4. Koji, thank you for putting things in perspective. You would have my vote if you ran for office in Pennsylvania. Though, they would not count it, seeing as how I don’t live there. But someone with common sense needs to run SOME where. Teach me more Koji.

    1. I live in Pennsylvania. Trust me, your vote would count. You don’t even have to be alive to vote n Pennsylvania.

      1. 🙂 Only if you live in Philly or Pittsburgh! As a Pennsylvanian I will vote for Koji and make sure my dogs do too!

  5. Of course, without the debt, the economy would be in full-blown depression. Most of the fresh stuff is being bought by the Federal Reserve, anyway. Just like what’s been going on in Japan.

  6. Koji,

    I hate to be Debbie downer, but you do not have what it takes to make it in Washington DC. You have too much sense, intelligence, integrity, honor, discipline, morals, dedication, passion, and ability to be a Politian. Just saying it like I see it, But I thank you for being you!


  7. Good article now send it to Washington so that they may also understand it. You have it right…they all failed their basic math classes.

      1. It was a great disappointment… Now Obama will become even more aggressive in demanding more tax hikes. Heck, it’s an “untruth” when he says taxes have NOT gone up for Americans outside the “top” brackets… Sigh is right.

  8. Brilliant, Koji. I hate to admit it but I’m so sick and tired to it all …. that I simply throw up my hands in resignation. But, really can’t do that if you got kids who you hope will have a prosperous and secure future.

    1. Hi again, jeannerene. I too want to throw up my arms… but I am a tad less optimistic as you. The way the bozos in Congress and the White House are functioning, our children/grandchildren will be faced with a insurmountable debt. Obamacare is also not free; they, too, will be confronted with over-burdened general practioners who will be overworked and under-reimbursed. I don’t know what to do given the ridiculous agreement they conjured up this week. It only served to give Obama an entree to more demands for tax hikes.

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