Protect Yourselves from Electronic Fraud and Hoaxes

We have fraudsters.  We have hoaxers.

Are there victims?  Sure.

But we must be vigilant in how we see – or read – things on the internet.  It is easy for your sympathies to be played…and your hearts (or your wallets) drained.

Just one case in point…  Although this involves Facebook (which I had abandoned a couple of years ago), the medium is of no consequence.  A “blog” can achieve the same results.

And people will get hurt…  Perhaps financially but always emotionally which can be the most costly.

It is NOT a victimless crime.

fb hoac
Please click on image above or the link below to listen/watch the report.



We all want to feel we helped someone, some animal or pet, or a family in need after a natural disaster.

At the same time, help yourself before you find yourself – or your own family – getting hurt.

Look into a “feel sorry for me” post or blog thoroughly before giving your heart.

If too many things are happening to someone, and you start to feel more sympathetic than ever, take a deep breath…  Think about the entire scenario first.  You will be able to breathe easier later.


Thanks for listening.

Happy blogging.

18 thoughts on “Protect Yourselves from Electronic Fraud and Hoaxes”

    1. There are genuine people who would appreciate the help but there are many times more of those who are unstable or are criminals. Just ensure yourself of its legitimacy before diving in…

      1. I know. I hesitate to “like” anything on there.

        I want to get rid of FB. But there are so many people I can be connected to because of it. I hate to cut the ease of communication it affords us. 😦

    1. In our little niche (WWII personal history), there are those low-lifes who claim to be honored combat veterans by simply donning on a uniform and medals purchased from sellers. Those are the worst.

  1. What a story! I am sure the reminders need to be plentiful. A woman was arrested following the shooting in CT, when she went on-line claiming to be one of the young victim’s aunts, collecting money on the family’s behalf. The Internet is the perfect vehicle for creative crooks! Thanks for the video…I hadn’t heard about htis one!

  2. Thanks for the reminder it is so important to check things out before helping out financially…I have my choice charities I give to and one is involved with helping out with disasters so when I see pictures on facebook, tv ext.. my heart and prayers to the victims, but I know I am already helping with my charity.

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