Boston: I Pray For You.


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Before the assumptions take over the facts…

I hope we all take time to ask our God, our Higher Power, our Deity, our God by another name, forgive me for not knowing them all and I don’t want to leave anyone out so I say “our” God, whatever term is yours.  Our Light.  If your belief is not Higher Power based but compassion based, let us all pull our beliefs together:  to please help us through this.

I hope the assumptions are withheld so the news can be reported factually.

If they don’t know, don’t report.

I hope that we keep our focus that once again, human beings have set a trap for fellow human beings.  With the intent to kill.  Harm.  Maim.

But why are we surprised.

As human beings we have been hurting one another every single day.


Will we be the ones who  self destruct.


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10 thoughts on “Boston: I Pray For You.”

    1. Indeed. So sad. And there is no end in sight as of yet. They are cowards and won’t come out in the open to fight…or make their statement without killing or maiming…

  1. It is so sad – we think we are safe here, but in reality nowhere is safe. The older I get the less I understand. How can someone or some group hate so much? I just don’t get it.

    1. I don’t think “they” do themselves? But law enforcement has been keying in on areas where potentially large numbers of people assemble… I feel these in substance are nothing different than IED’s. Imagine a few being set off along major thoroughfares. Think the I-15 to Vegas10! What would happen to the economy? Also, did you get the draft?

      1. I do not even want to think of something like that..same would be if something like that would happen at DC during rush hour. No, sorry I did not get the draft..I added your email to my address book, thinking it might have ended up in my spam folder. Try again I will keep a look out for it. Send it to my home account. thanks –

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