Another Day Another Dollar

A touching story and remembrances for an Army wife now widowed. A very nice message…

Thoughts From An American Woman

“Another day another dollar” is the saying my dad would often say.  Although today it could be said another day another pittance.  Even back when I was growing up the dollar did not seem to stretch far and today it seems that we are unable to even stretch it.  There are taxes to pay, groceries to buy, the necessities of clothes and shelter, gas for the car, heat for the house and the list goes on and on. As the prices of everything keep going up and up the value of our hard work and the dollar keep going down and down.  The “dollar” made is soon spent even before it gets to the bank.

I have heard different meanings for this saying but the one I prefer is the one meaning that I am setting off to the same ole routine of making a living only to see my…

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