S. O. P. – Not ! ! !

obama syria
Political cartoon by Bob Gorrell / http://www.gorrellart.com

This political cartoon caught my eye(s).

Pretty much says it all.


S = Syria

O = Obama

P = Putin

The acronym “SOP” in business circles stands for “Standard Operating Procedures”

Here, I feel it stands for something different…  Way different.

It is more synonymous with “SNAFU” – “Situation Normal – All #ucked Up”.


Think about it.

Obama made a grave error.  He drew a line in the sand.

Then when Syrian forces first crossed it, he hemmed and hawed…  Said he needed definitive proof.  (Apparently, many dead animals were insufficient, at least visually.)  He erased that line in the sand.

animalsThen Syrian forces struck again.

He made another grave error in this fiasco.  He, as Commander in Chief, could have just ordered the raid…  Like Ronnie did against Libya and Qaddafi.  (I loved it when Ronnie called Qaddafi a “flake”.)

But no…  He stepped up to the microphone at the Presidential podium again and now wanted “conclusive proof” (not that pictures of more dead animals in addition to the bodies were sufficient) BEFORE ordering a strike.  PLUS Congressional approval.

What was he thinking?  It was like a quarterback shouting audibles in plain English.

But somebody saved his azz.


Yes, there were several more missteps by Obama…

But the worst one?  It was bad enough Obama was making foreign policy decisions.

Now, Obama handed our country’s foreign policy-making powers to Vladimir Putin.

Yes, he did.

Think about it.

7 thoughts on “S. O. P. – Not ! ! !”

  1. I hate to say it, but this time I think Putin is right. If it takes a Russian to straighten out our own president – so be it. This country can’t take too much more, we’re starting to sink.

    1. I agree… We have started to sink. Have you an admiral’s comment that our sub force is becoming second rate? They’ve already scaled back sub ops by 30%… yet we’re giving money away in gobs to specific groups of people.

      Think about it… After 50 years of welfare and food stamps for the “needy”, how many were able to ween off it? They are no better off than they were 50 years ago.

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