Just Some Snapshots 2

Just some pointless snapshots from around my front yard… Sequel #2.

(I took these while smoking a 58 ring Maduro, by the way…)

All taken with a Canon 75-300mm…handheld with no image stabilization.Β  Still, not too bad for a shaky ole fart like me. πŸ™‚












24 thoughts on “Just Some Snapshots 2”

    1. Thank you, Curt. You are always so kind… As for Mr. Methane, just be immensely happy you are far up north when such gaseous accumulations find the path to the outside… You know, the out of body thing. Lol

      1. Ah, I do my own, thank you very much. The word miasma always comes to my mind. My father had an old Cocker Spaniel named Smokey. The older Smokey got the smellier his farts became. Pop said Smokey would whip his head around and growl at his butt. Then he would struggle to his feet on arthritic legs and leave Pop to cope. –Curt

  1. Beautiful – I really need to invest in a better camera, you make it look so easy. And did you notice I did not call you an old fart!! πŸ˜‰

    1. LOL. Even Brooke (my littlest girl) says I’m old! As for equipment, these digital cameras can do so much now… but the lens quality and the person behind it is what creates a nice shot. I get lucky once in a while but I do wish I could afford the upper scale Canon zoom (IS and better glass).

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