Big Time Sucky

I’m sorry, nice-minded bloggers…

But this REALLY a prime-time sucky.

Worse than a twerky even.


It’s not just Obama approving a paltry 1% pay increase for our military… It’s that a military man or woman can’t support his or her family.  Paltry pay.  And it keeps getting worse.

Please view the related short news broadcast and news print by clicking on the image below…  Hear the extent of the horrendous impact on our military and veterans – AND THEIR FAMILIES.

vet pay cut

And remember, they got SEQUESTERED earlier this year.  More cuts in household income.

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You don’t need to be accurate to get your point across.

Congress people pay themselves somewheres over $150,000 a year – certainly no ILLICIT income, of course – and don’t get shot at or maimed.  They take LONG recesses (i.e., vacations), too.

And Obama sends these poor guys and gals to get shot at?  At less than a $20,000 salary?  (And he takes vacations to Hawai’i costing us MILLIONS each time.)

But wounded or disabled vets?  THEY should get lifetime pay.


Not the self-centered bozos in Washington, DC.


Rant over.


14 thoughts on “Big Time Sucky”

    1. Indeed. Think of YOUR local WWII vet who was shot in the face. The VA won’t operate on him as it is not life-threatening. I am sad for our current young men and women coming back from war physically maimed.

    1. The military personnel do rely on the government, i.e., our taxes, yes. And while I don’t know what Tricare is, the point is how can any one survive when they “work” around the clock when called upon and their pay is less than $20,000? Plus… they get shot at and die.

      1. Koji, I get your point of course. My thinking is that military are in the pay of the rest of us, and so, the only thing about taking food stamps is it shows—like you say—the everyday military family doesn’t make a whole lot. It’s just unfortunate that people will “shame badge” certain programs, when all the money comes out of the U.S. Treasury.

  1. This is really bad, though I’m not sure there is any career in the world in which the pay is appropriate for the work.

  2. We are ranting right along with you. About 10 yrs ago Tom and I visited our son at Ft Benning and when we went to the commissary we were shocked to see a stand to help families of soldiers sign up for welfare. In the 10 yrs since he left active duty for reserve duty the income base for young families serving in the military did not keep up with inflation. Since then it has only gotten worse. I fear the day when I am told I will no longer get his pension – one he had worked over 30 yrs to secure for us. We should start having Congress and BO earning the same as our military then maybe we will see some changes.
    I agree that most hardworking people are not paid what they are worth (Police, fire and ETM’s to name a few) , but the job of a soldier/airmen/sailors/ marines deserve better than the need to go on welfare because the pay is too low. Not too many people I know in the civilian world are separated from their families for a year or longer at a time and most cases in bad living conditions, tents, MRE’s, no daily showers,etc…. The greedy and corrupt politicians in Washington would not survive one week in deployment.

    1. That is just wretched, Patty. Just plain uncaring of the dolts in DC. And my neighbor is USAF with a young wife and child. He gets sent away and that is the toughest part as you well know.

      The time may come when people will stop signing up. Just like Obama is trying to take firearms away from LAW ABIDING folks, the time may come when an enemy will realize our military has become insignificant or reliant on drones.

      Thank you for your heartfelt comment…and I hope it does NOT happen to you…

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