This is America

If your eyes don’t spring a leak, there is something amiss… like with our current administration.

It really says something when your own country can’t afford a flyover for a rare duo burial.

18 thoughts on “This is America”

  1. That was so beautiful and touching. I agree there might be some things the our administration could cut but military honors is not one of them.

      1. Just like Obamohammad awarding the Medal of Honor — were it me receiving it, I’d yell, “I’ve been through Hell once, don’t make me go through it again by having to stand next to the idiot! If the one of the groundskeeper isn’t too busy, let him pin it on me… or, better yet, just mail it to me.”

  2. There is no excuse for not having an official flyover. None. Budget cuts be damned – this is a disgrace.

  3. Koji – Fortunately, there are still Men of Honor in our country. The really sad part is that the money-hungry politicians are trying to bury them.

    1. …sadly so true… They make a stink over perceived “racist” events when it is they themselves who are the racists… And they DID bury four men of honor – from Benghazi.

  4. I did cry Koji. Not because of what the government did. But because of the sacrifice of the two airmen finally brought home, and the dignified show of love and support the good men and women of this country showed these long gone airmen and their families. It is the people of this country that make it great, not the politicians. Thank you for sharing this.

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