Words For Warriors Project

A truly MAGNIFICENT and NOBLE effort by one single lady for the welfare of our returning warriors! (Note: you can see a picture of me and my son in the book.)

Life In The Gym

A few days ago I mentioned that I was involved in a new project that was testing some of my weaker personality traits. I explained how I was using some of the lessons I’ve learned in the gym over the years to make a successful go of it despite said weaknesses and that it was generally working out quite well. What I did was create a military veteran support project of my own. I incorporated it, so it’s an official entity and yours truly is the President!

The mission of the Words For Warriors Project is to collect letters of encouragement/support/appreciation from people (both with and without a military background) to our veterans. The letters are put into a book and then distributed free of charge through VA hospitals/clinics and veteran’s organizations.

I’m very excited to say that the first edition of Words For Warriors has been published and the distribution…

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