Pumpkin Pie from Scratch

My pumpkin pie.

Its from scratch.  Crust too, as you can see.  It looks like the world’s biggest churro’s surrounding the pie.

It was a lot of work outside of the crust.  Pumpkin puree, candied yams, syrup, heavy cream milk, eggs, sugar, nutmeg, salt and…grated ginger.

But my little Cake Boss said it “tasted better than the supermarket’s pumpkin pie”.

Does that mean I can keep my job?

36 thoughts on “Pumpkin Pie from Scratch”

  1. You know, since I never seem to receive any of these baked goodies, I may have to re-think my earlier plan to buy you a brand new Mustang.

      1. The pleasure of baking is comparable to writing blogs.

        Merci pour votre commentaire.

  2. well now you may not know this – but this is my favorite pie – and so I lit up to see the slice featured – and I like seeing the hint of the whole pie in the background – anyhow, I am the only one who likes pumpkin pie and so whenever there is one around (which I usually buy! – even though now I may get the goodies to bake a couple…. hmm) anyhow, whenever there is pumpkin pie around, it is all mine and nobody in the house touches it – and so I sometimes have to freeze what is left (can only have so much for so many days in a row – ha!)
    anyhow, super fun post – 🙂

    1. LOL. Thank you! Actually, my oldest daughter (who is carrying my granddaughter in her belly) requested it… And my youngest daughter (11) devoured her slice earlier today WHILE critiquing it. OMG. Now my USAF neighbor wants a piece! Well, anyways, I sure wish I had your problem. But aside from simmering the pumpkin puree and candied yams (which made me HOT from all the stirring), it was a breeze…except my pie crust slid down when I was turning it in the oven. 😦

      1. well congrats one the new one on the way grandpa – and pumpkin pie for the momma tone sounds perfect – and actually – how awesome that everyone loves it over there – and you have inspired me to make some homemade stuff – well all your other readers have added to the inspiration too – because I am not he feed for the comments still and it has been fun – and I see that homemade is the way to go
        have a good weekend Koji!

        peace out!

  3. First of all, this food shot is superb! Nicely composed, beautiful light and focus, and the most important part: it looks absolutely delicious! You photographed it beautifully. I know food shots are not the easiest shots to take. (It’s a lot of work to come up with a great food shot, especially when you’re making it from scratch!).

    Secondly, I LOVE pumpkin pie! I’ve never had it with yam in it and I think that would be a perfect addition to the filling–adds some nice natural sweetness. Your crust looks delish too. Nice job all around–great looking pie and great photography! :))

    1. …and YOU are the expert at food photography…and cooking…and baking! Just magnificent shots! You know where the recipe hailed from – the nearly goof-proof Cook’s Illustrated. Followed to the “T”. The store here didn’t have the candied yam but the regular one did just fine…per my little Cake Boss. 😉 Thank you for your kind thoughts and comments, Jeannie… and we want to see a picture of your perfect creation!

  4. Yum! Homemade pumpkin pie is very different from store bought. I use a simple recipe and could eat the whole thing for breakfast – it’s pretty healthy stuff. Wondering where you got a fresh pumpkin this time of year. I’ve thought of using kabocha instead since I can get that year round.

    1. Thanks, Linda. But fresh pumpkin? Nope. The canned pureed stuff! Cook’s Illustrated (where this recipe comes from) deemed that the canned stuff is just fine… And kabocha… Hmmm…. That’s an idea ‘cuz my mom used to boil it in some kind of sugar base and it came out sweet. Of course, she didn’t eat it too often; they had their fill of it during WWII. 🙂

  5. It looks absolutely delicious to me! I think pumpkin pies can be tricky. Simple ingredients, but the pie can easily burn while it’s setting. You did a wonderful job…WAY better than the grocery store version. 🙂

    1. …and you are right! Tricky! I was to take it out when the instant read showed 175F… When I checked it last, it was 170F so I left it in for maybe eight more minutes… Too long! (Secret: that’s why only part of the pie is showing in the background – it cracked after cooling from over baking!)

    1. Whipped by hand is best! And please take a life insurance out on yourself before taking cooking lessons from me, Jan. A million ways to die… Fire. Poisoning. Bleeding to death from a knife oops… 😂

  6. Pumpkin pie was one of Tom’s favorites, apple pie being tied! Once he realized I made them from scratch we never had store bought or frozen again. I must say my homemade is a bit easier but then I use can pumpkin not fresh. Did you puree the pumpkin yourself? That I have never done. This does look delicious and I agree it now needs homemade whipped cream!!
    The first time I baked him a pie it was apple and he said it was the best pie he ever had and where did I buy it, I told him I made it myself and replied, “you actually cut up the apples and everything!!”
    When are you and your cake boss going to start your own cooking/baking blog?

    1. Lol, Patty. I can’t even keep up with this blog. And yes, whipped cream whisked up the old fashion way! You must have been a heckuva chef, Patty..! Pumpkin puree from scratch! Cook’s illustrated, after extensive testing, deemed there was little difference between canned and home made…so I took the easy route…cuz I’m male! Lol

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