Pumpkin Pie from Scratch

My pumpkin pie.

Its from scratch.  Crust too, as you can see.  It looks like the world’s biggest churro’s surrounding the pie.

It was a lot of work outside of the crust.  Pumpkin puree, candied yams, syrup, heavy cream milk, eggs, sugar, nutmeg, salt and…grated ginger.

But my little Cake Boss said it “tasted better than the supermarket’s pumpkin pie”.

Does that mean I can keep my job?

I’m Gonna Sneeze…

I'm Gonna Sneeze...

Taken at Mt. Vernon, 2010.

Invited the 4th time to “In Explore” on

I feel pretty good about that since I’m just an amateur. You should see the other professional photographs in that group. Click on the photo then go to “in Explore” to see the other fantastic images from around the world.