A Vote… Please?

I’ve been a bit wrapped up trying to get an income stream going.  I’m finding out photo editing chews up a lot of time…

Especially when you don’t know what the heck you’re doing. 🙂

But I entered a little photo contest (open to anybody!).  Would you consider voting for my macro photography entry below?  By clicking on the photo, it will take you to the “Tallenge” website:


This link will do, too!


Thank you.

36 thoughts on “A Vote… Please?”

  1. Ah ha – I felt so bad failing you that I went back in and finally DID manage to comment and vote!! So glad I did! You’ve got MY vote, Koji!

  2. I love the photo, but I’m allergic to clicking buttons to unknown sites, which then send me stuff I don’t want to know about. I feel very churlish, and I really do love the photos.

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