Happiness is Summer Green Peas

Compassionately reminiscing at its finest…


DSC_0593_4436_5AE Farmers Market Green Peas, photograph by madlyinlovewithlife

Fresh Green Pea Season

It’s Pea Season! And we’ve been hauling huge bags of them home from the farmers market every week. My favourite way to enjoy summer peas is to simply fill a large bowl with fresh, cold, crunchy pea pods, shell one, pop the succulent little morsels straight into my mouth, savour them thoroughly, and gluttonously carry on until the whole bowl is empty. Mmmmm… they are such a delicious summer treat.

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10 thoughts on “Happiness is Summer Green Peas”

      1. My mother always had a garden and I have always liked to grow things. Not much luck these day, tho. Oh well, no more green thumbs here – 🙄

  1. mmm – I did not grow any peas this year – and barely have anything yummy this year – just a few tomatoes and pepper plants – but I did have sweet basil and a hybrid spinach come up this past week – and I planted a late eggplant hoping to get some fall gems – but this post reminded me about the farmers market – and I plan to drop on by next weekend – thanks – and have a great week Koj

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