44 thoughts on “Generations”

      1. Traveling off for a six-day kayaking/camping trip with Orca whales off on northwest Vancouver Island. Leave today for the drive up. Rush back for Burning Man when its over. 🙂 –Curt

      2. Kayaking with Shamu? Thank you for naming me in your AD&D policy, Curt! Lol. Hope you all had a wonderful experience and lived to tell us about it! ☺

  1. Koji, where have I been? Busy taking care of my little one I guess. Congratulations on your granddaughter. Emi is precious. What a glorious day!!

  2. Welcome, Emi-chan! What a nice name (my middle name is Emiko). I loved reading “Souls of Wood,” sigh, the marching on of generations, and what precious photos. I know you will enjoy being ojiisan.

    1. So do you know how to write your name in kanji?? 恵美子?江美子えみこ? I think there’s about a dozen ways! And just call me Jii-chan! But yes… Time does march on…at an accelerated pace!

    1. I certainly appreciate your sentiments… If you think about it, I became a grandpa here because young men like your uncle – of any country – did what they had to do seventy years ago…

  3. Oh, Koji! I’m so delighted to hear of your happy news! Congratulations, my friend. Emi is so beautiful! Wishing you, Emi and your family many happy years together. May they be filled with abundance, joy and happiness! :))

  4. Congrratulations Gramps, Gosh, I remember you and Michi around the same age as Jack and Brooke. Now they are Auntie and Uncle.

  5. what a blessing to you and your family – congratulations grandpa! and yes she does get her looks from you! 😀

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