Muddled Mind

Good blogger geeez2014 wondered in a comment kiddingly if I had stopped blogging.

Well, no, I haven’t.

But my mind is just discombobulated. It is muddled with all the ugly stuff that’s been going on in the world. It is falling apart. Our leaders have failed the world with the result being the everyday people they are supposedly protecting are the ones being killed. NOT themselves.

I don’t care if its a religious leader of any belief or a leader of a country. THEY are the ones ordering the killings when they make decisions…or shy away from making them.

But most of all, I feel our country is but a wooden ship on the high seas besieged by a mutiny while fires are burning below deck. Grave fires.

But rather than trying to express myself with words, I shall defer to cartoons. They reflect my muddled psyche.  They may not parallel yours but these reflect my confused thoughts:

ATT00028Entitlements-Vs-MilitaryStill-Held-590-LIStantis-immigration-2Executive-order-reshapes-Mt.-Rushmore-Michael-RamirezObama-s-Egyptian-gun-controlobama forward with soldiermichael-ramirez-obama-as-statue-of-liberty-amnestyimages (6)022614Washingtons-Fault-590-liATT00058Race Card 2Lastly, a photograph of a BOY at the D-Day Commemoration holding our flag. He stood saluting the incoming waves at Omaha Beach for 90 minutes.

The 70th Anniversary Of The D-Day Landings Are Commemorated In NormandyA peek into my muddled mind.

26 thoughts on “Muddled Mind”

  1. Pictures speak a thousand words, Koji. Some of these cartoons take my breath away in their simplicity and truth. My only consolation comes when I’ve been watching CNN’s series on the 60s. Those, too, were dark times, and somehow, we survived a better nation.

    1. I do agree to a point, Jan. I’m so old fashioned that I feel pre-Woodstock was a better nation. There was still order in the society but I’m sure there are millions of others who feel otherwise and strongly.

      1. What the comics said for you, instead of you writing, indicate that there are things you SHOULD be writing about. 😉 How about a post friend Koji?????

  2. I think all of our minds are muddled with all of the happenings too. You are not alone – we are the ones left without the lifeboats in a country that is sinking fast.

  3. I humbly agree (even with my limited life experience compared to you and others who visit/comment on your wonderful site) that many things are seriously wrong with this world. I could rant for days about the things that are going wrong with my country, but I’ll not get on the soapbox today 😦

      1. 優しいお言葉をありがとうございます。恐縮です!「Energizer Bunny」は本当に大好きです(笑)それでは、お言葉に甘えてコメントいっぱい書かせて頂きますね☆

  4. well, who knew to look down below your wonderful top post 🙂
    I’m so glad you’re still here…cartoons OR writing…
    These cartoons are amazing. That one of the ENTITLEMENTS soldier saying that to the other REALLY hit me HARD.
    They’re all good, but I HATE what we’re doing to our military.|
    We’re falling apart, Koji-San 😦

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