12 thoughts on “EBOLA in America”

  1. Having read what has been reported in The Washington Post and in Britain’s The Telegraph, I believe that we have a lot of people who think that something, Ebola for example, is far away and has no impact on them. They fail to realize that in our world of air travel it is time not distance that is the separation. There is also the matter of just plain ignorance. I wonder how the person who took Mr. Duncan’s vitals feels today about having touched an Ebola-infected person to say nothing of having sent him back into the community?

    1. Thank you sir. We must also consider that nationally, our medical care system is – as they said during WWII – SNAFU. Quite a bit of the load comes from those that are undocumented or receive care with little or no financial reliability.

  2. He even told them at the Hospital, that he had just come from Liberia. My daughter, a nurse, tells me they were warned when this started, that Liberia and a list of other West African nations were “Ebola ground zero” and that anyone reporting from there with symptoms was to immediately trigger Ebola Countermeasures. These knuckleheads in Dallas, dropped the ball.

      1. He’s never going to that, because he then couldn’t justify leaving the southern border wide open for his illegal alien buddies…lol

    1. Indeed… but in this now upside-down country, it would be associated with profiling or similar… Our doctors and hospitals are overloaded already, exacerbated by entitlement believers.

  3. I can not believe in this day and age of technology and speedy exchange of knowledge that the hospital failed to recognize what was staring them in the face! It’s deplorable. I only just saw the CDC’s report on the people he came in contact with and the 80 people they came in contact with (5 are children). Texas HPH must be held accountable for everyone of them!

  4. I sure do agree with you about the no-fly rule, Koji! I’ve been composing letters to my representatives…not sure my letters make much difference, but enough of us made the demand, perhaps! I think the way the situation unfolded in Texas is absolute proof enough for me that the “safeguards” that we were promised are worthless. I’m not entirely sure why we aren’t marching in the streets demanding that the CDC be put in charge of “epidemic control” and not local governments, but let one more person show signs of illness after contact with ‘Patient A” and we may have panic in Texas! I know I would feel that way.

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