25 thoughts on “Finally”

    1. LOL. I’m an old geezer now and I can say its been righteously hot for the last six decades! I hope you are well! ps I’ve avoided the man-flu for a couple of years now. 🙂

      1. Ha! I bet. As for me and my family, we’ve been battling a nasty head cold. We’re finally seeing signs of relief!

  1. well we JUST got our cold weather this past weekend – because Indian summer was not leaving. Anyhow, I like the single yellow leaf you give us here. From my reader it seemed like a droopy tear – and then I opened the post to see it more and you are right- it is the first sign of the changing seasons and barely there – but the chlorophyl is leaving….
    peace out Koj!

      1. True, but the love bugs aren’t as bad as they used to be – a lot of spraying for the mosquitoes and they don’t bother me so much now that I know they are actually good for the plants.

  2. I did not realize California gets so colorful in the fall – 🙂 I am hoping to go to where we call “Gods Country” north of us next weekend and always full of fall foliage, and so I will have some more fall pictures to post. If it rains though like they are predicting, there won’t be any color left. 😦

      1. Rain takes down the leaves – lack of sunshine makes them change color. Must be why California doesn’t have the color, after all you live in the land of sunshine!

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