About Ferguson – Things I Told My Sons

So very eloquently written…

Life In The Gym

*Warning – This is another off topic post but something that has been on my mind.  Actually, I do a lot of thinking while doing cardio so I suppose it’s related, albeit distantly, to my workouts.

Racism exists in this world. That’s an indisputable fact. America has waged a long and reasonably successful struggle against institutional racism but if you look you will be able to find instances where you can rightly point to someone who has been treated badly solely because of their race. If those cases come to your attention, you can throw your energy behind peaceful efforts to see that the wrongs are righted and to help prevent similar incidents from happening in the future.

That’s correct action. That’s working in the right direction and it’s doing what our Christian faith asks of us. We are to be defenders of innocents who can’t defend themselves.

Michael Brown…

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3 thoughts on “About Ferguson – Things I Told My Sons”

    1. I wish our world wasn’t this way, Jan… There is something very wrong with everything connected to this event, no matter what side of the fence you are on. The fence is killing us.

  1. As I commented on her page: This is excellent and spoke the thoughts of my heart. There are those who do not care about truth and/or justice. Their only purpose is to destroy and they try to do that by using the race card as a divisive tactic. Some, as we’ve seen, create their own fate. Others need to be defended. God grant us the ability and insight to know the difference. It is not all black and white…

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