21 thoughts on “Just Some Snapshots #11”

  1. Great series, Koji. I love your use of selective colour here. It really served to enhance those images in a dramatic way. And I LOVE the photo of the Chevy pick up—fabulous composition and perfect choice to go black and white, as it highlights the form so well. Very nice work! Great photography. :)))

      1. Thanks for the link, Koji. Yes, I noticed that Chevy photo on Flickr and I love it. I think I might like this one even better—something about the black and white really makes the photo for me. And I agree with you, selective colour is often one of those things people overdo when they first learn how to do it. But there is certainly a place for it and I think you’ve used it perfectly. You enhanced the series by using it and I think you made it more poignant.

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