Just Some Snapshots #14

I have been distracted for this and that, more so as of recent; life does get in the way as they say.

But just some recent snapshots to perhaps brighten your morning…

Graptopetalum rusbyi, a Sedum.
My Little Cake Boss’ shoes.
Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center, June 28, 2010
Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center, June 28, 2010, part of the Smithsonian.
Graptopetalum rusbyi, a Sedum.
Echeveria pulidonis bloom.
The Endeavor.
Graptopetalum rusbyi, a Sedum.
A kalanchoe’s new branch dazzles you in pink and orange hues.
A WWII P-51 Mustang presented in sepia. A P-47 Razorback is in the background.
A Scaevola – Bondi White
Our flag and the glory days of backyard aviation.
An English daisy.

c-10-191Have a great day!

29 thoughts on “Just Some Snapshots #14”

  1. You do flowers better than anyone else–and I love your shoes. You have a lovely way of composing photographs, and I always look forward to these posts so I can savor every one of them.

  2. I’ve never heard of those flowers, but aren’t they amazing! You are fantastic in capturing their beauty, Koji. For life getting in the way – you’ve put out a terrific post.

    1. Thank you, gpcox. With it being tax day today, I just finished filing the last of five returns electronically… two hours before the deadline. It was also hectic on account of several time consuming hospital and doctor visits for my aunt. It’s been nuts.

      1. I thought life must have been getting in the way lately. Take it easy, Koji – one thing at a time – we’ll still be out here for you.

  3. the variety here is once again presented with that koji style – love how you alternated the images – and the sneakers one and the flag one are my favs – well hard to say because they are all so different – and the good news is that we do not have to pick any fabs – we can just enjoy the darn post!

  4. Wonderfully eclectic photos, Koji. I especially love the shot of your Cake Boss’s shoes—beautiful lines, pleasing and balanced composition and I love the use of selective colour in this. Nice work indeed! Keep ’em coming! :)))

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