Just Some Snapshots #14

My oldest daughter’s Corgi, “Yogi”.  He is sans one leg now but never stops loving you to death.  His favorite spot is still on your lap.

Adorable Yogi

And some other snapshots:

Textured Notocactus rutilans flower
A textured bloom from a Crown of Thorns cactus
Although he returned from WWII, we went to visit him during Memorial Day weekend.
A Chamaelobivia (Rose quartz)
A bloom of an Echeveria harmsii rendered into pastels.
A simple Clematis
A Chamaelobivia (Rose quartz) rendered into B&W
Hummingbird sage (Salvia microphylla or “Hot Lips”). Hummingbirds love this flower and come frequently. A lovely scent proliferates when you break a stem.
A Notocactus rutilans flower

28 thoughts on “Just Some Snapshots #14”

  1. Great photos, Koji. Seeing the children at Old Man Jack’s site warmed my heart. And Yogi is just plain adorable – you can see he’s a lover!

  2. They are all beautiful Kanemoto-san. I love the photo of your children at Mr. Jack Garrett’s grave especially. 素敵なお写真をありがとうございます!

  3. Beautifully artistic, Koji! I love Yogi! What a sweet, sweet, dog. And I really like what you did with the shot of your kids at old man Jack’s grave, so tasteful. Your floral marcos are truly stunning—you find the most amazing flowers with exquisite details and photograph them so beautifully. I love your “snap-shots”. Very, very nice work, my friend! :)))

  4. Your kids are SO GOOD LOOKING! Just the best! 🙂
    And what a good thing to have them do….showing respect to a veteran. Good parenting, Koji-San 🙂
    And your photos are SO beautiful … Am tempted to water color a few of them…even the black/white.
    If I do, I’ll certainly show you .

  5. You are an artist with your camera, Koji! You really take beautiful photos of the flowers, and I enjoy seeing your beautiful children, as well! And Yogi is a heart throb and I’m sure a very sweet family member! I really enjoyed your “screenshots!” 🙂

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