A Seafarer’s Wife Recounts Haiyan

Having been on Leyte a couple of weeks ago, this story hits home. Family fortitude is a common trait amongst Filipinos.

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Mrs Roseville Alon was a newly-designated Principal of the Obo-ob Integrated School in Bantayan Island, Cebu in November 7, 2013. She was still lactating for her 2-month old baby when the storm clouds of Super Typhoon Haiyan started gathering over the horizons of Bantayan Island, in northern Cebu. On top of that, her husband Samuel was a seafarer who had just left 4 days ago to board his ship, the Danish ship Kleivstrand, which was plying the Denmark – Norway route.

Rose knew her typhoon preparation drills well, so she went ahead to lead her teachers and students in securing the school. From November 6th to the 7th, the faculty, staff and students, together with some members of the Parents-Teachers Association, worked together to prepare the school.

First, she had all her important stuff such as electronic equipment plus books, important school records, etc transferred to the newly-repaired classroom…

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5 thoughts on “A Seafarer’s Wife Recounts Haiyan”

  1. I just read Erick Larson’s book about the epic hurricane that devastated Galveston in 1800’s and have new respect for the terror of these storms. This storm and the aftermath sounds similar. My sympathies and respect for those who went through this.

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