17 thoughts on “A REAL Hero!”

  1. Yes he is! He won’t get an invite to the White House…or a call or a nod of public recognition from “O.”

    But he’ll get OUR pat on the back (I’ll include him in next week’s Celebration of Service). Great post!

    1. President Obama and I both wish that the shooting had not occurred. He contends it would not have happened if we outlawed guns. I wish this hero, a veteran, had a gun and had killed the killer early in the episode. before he was shot himself.

  2. You can pretty much bet there will be nothing from the Obamanation in chief. All that comes from there is yet another mindless rant about taking away guns. Had that hero been armed, I suspect there would have been far fewer dead and wounded. God bless him, help him heal from his wounds and grant him a long, happy life.

  3. I’m so glad you posted about this very brave man, Koji. It seems that so often anyone with any very small act of conscious bravery gets labeled “hero” and at times it’s an overused word. In this instance, there isn’t a bit of exaggeration. I am sure he saved lives and it’s amazing he survived. I understand the cynicism about him receiving any formal recognition from the White House, and you are probably correct, but I’m not going to count the possibility out quite yet! I’m going to hope so! 🙂

  4. Yes, he is indeed, a real hero. I have no idea how people can just suddenly launch themselves into situations like that, and put their lives on the line for others…very often for people they don’t know.
    It is probably an indication of how small a country England is that we would expect somebody important to go and visit a person wounded in a situation like this. Usually not the Prime Minister, but a fairly important politician perhaps. Much more likely would be either Prince Harry or Prince William, both of whom are army men, with the ability to talk easily to ordinary people.

    1. He not only has horrendous medical expenses but months of PT… and as he is unable to work, his family expenses become a burden, especially with a special needs child. I hope his Gofundme campaign has reached a million dollars. He didn’t sue and get rich because he was shot by a cop indeed. He’s a hero.

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