Iwo Jima Flag Raising(s) – the MOVIE (Part 1)

In reflection of the upcoming 240th birthday of our United States Marine Corps (Nov. 10) and to pay homage to one Marine who lost his life on Iwo Jima after filming the most iconic movie footage in Marine Corps history…

Masako and Spam Musubi

battle_iwojima256 The more immortalized flag was just hoisted in the background, with a few of the seven famous Marines still trying to secure it. The group of Marines in front have just lowered the first smaller flag that had been raised a bit earlier. February 23, 1945. USMC photo.

I assume you know of the iconic flag raising atop Mt. Suribachi by our courageous US Marines on Iwo Jima?¹  It was immortalized, in my opinion, by the most iconic photo of WWII.

But did you know there were TWO flags?  And that THREE cameramen were involved with capturing the two flag raisings?

And did you ever wonder where the movie of the flag being raised came from…or who shot it?


You have seen the above color footage of the US flag being raised on Iwo Jima (above) during WWII countless of times.  On TV.  In movies (that’s important – the…

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