Back at the First Notch!

At Ft. McHenry in 2010. My spare tire is pretty much how it looked 30 days ago – and my Levi’s definitely weren’t buttoned at the waist!

Well, the first 30 days of my weight loss effort have been endured. 🙂

Having surpassed my goal of losing ten pounds (although I was absolutely coerced into breaking the rules on two occasions due to my kids’ daily needs LOL), I am unbelievably back at the first notch on my Levi’s belt which I’ve been wearing since a teenager… and the Levi’s are buttoned up at the top with room to spare. Incredible if I have to say so myself.

This is what I looked like on Day 0:


Just kidding!  That’s my oldest boy…  and rather than blind you with a photo my daughter took of me on Day 0 of my actual gelatinous pale body, I think the point can be made differently. Besides, the photo at the very top pretty much shows what I looked like when I started without you getting blinded.

So… Below is a photo of me in Tokyo at the Toyota School dormitory on a hot, humid August day, wearing my favorite Levi’s belt many decades ago.  This was a couple of years after graduating from high school (19XXXXX BC).19XX copy

Then this week, I took a photo of the same infamous belt that I wear daily – and back at the very first notch!  I even have my top waist button fastened and my shirt tucked it because my Levi’s were falling.

They still fall. 🙂  But the belt’s battle scars clearly show how big my waist had been through the years.


I am but 5’6″ tall and I was carrying 187 pounds two years ago.  While certainly not as dramatic as some of your results, I did start at 161 pounds 30 days ago and am now down to 146…  Well, 146-1/2 pounds.  So I exaggerated…


Overall, I’ve lost 31 inches as well, mostly off my spare tire and chest.

I’d call that a win.

I did drink copious amounts of Japanese green tea (the fountain of youth serum if you didn’t know) and water and ate lots of tofu.  The times that “food” was beckoning me were when I’d prepare my kids’ meals being a single dad and from scratch.  It was tough not tasting the food to correct the seasoning before plating it – beef stroganoff, spaghetti al limone, Maytag bleu cheese salad, classic pound cake and the like – but since the kids ate it all, it must have been just fine.

Thanks to my coaches Marissa and Doug!

12 thoughts on “Back at the First Notch!”

  1. Looking great Koji! I congratulate you on your will power and determination. I’m afraid – with no cheating mind you, I’ve only lost 4 lbs – I’ll use the excuse that I’m older than you… 🙄 Enjoy all that new energy you must have!!

  2. Excellent work!

    Seeing photos of you son makes me want to lift! I need to put some muscle mass on but will wait until January to get going on that goal.

    I’m really impressed with your progress.

    Wishing you a happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Congratulations, Koji. I’m envious. I’ve been working on the weight loss bit myself, but have a ways to go (grin). Still I’ve managed to say good riddance to 20 pounds. It’s hard work— and requires constant vigilance, eh. It seems to take two days to put on two pounds and two weeks to take them off. 🙂 —Curt

  4. Congratulations, Koji! Impressive change in just 30 days. There is a downside, however, most if not all NFL players weigh more than 146.5 lbs. So, think about that before you fade away more. Just sayin’.

  5. I have been fat all my life and I still am. What you have done here is a real achievement, so well done!! Let me also say, though, that that is only half of a very difficult battle. Keeping the excess weight off is a lot more difficult, as I have repeatedly found out the hard way. Good luck! I’m sure your will power will be stronger than mine!

  6. I am super impressed. In 30 days? Good for you, and thanks for the reminder to drink more green tea! I like tofu as well…unhappily I’m not dropping any pounds. Maybe I need Marissa and Doug! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Koji. Maybe you can enjoy a good meal and just loosen the belt for a day or so! 🙂

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