Glazed Salmon

My Glazed Salmon for the kids.

Those dreaded words once again echoed in my kitchen.

“Papa, can you make something different for dinner?” asked my soon-to-be-dreaded-teenager, the Little Cake Boss Diva.

Ugh… Which reminds me I am overdue for another “She’s Killing Me” story…  Actually, I have tons but you will be spared.


Usually, there is no dinner menu for the kids when they are with me… primarily due to my Little Cake Boss Diva.  Her forte is executing her plans – a minute after she changes it.

Even then, she is late.  Always.  You can set your clock to it.  Kinda.

As my old-time buddy had come over as we planned from days ahead, I fretted over what to make that was new.  Then I recalled Stater Bros. had a sale on fresh salmon fillets so that was my first step.  I went to my cooking bible, Cook’s Illustrated, and found this recipe for “Glazed Salmon”.  After scanning the ingredients, I decided this would be it as it had soy sauce.  My son Jack will eat (almost) anything if it had soy sauce and Brooke (usually) eats what I make.

So after talking about old times with my buddy, I dashed off to the supermarket; I only needed a couple of items – like the salmon!  Unfortunately, the fillets were a tad thin; also, they weren’t of the same thickness but they had to make do (Having them the same thickness ensures the fillets cook at the same rate.).



For rub:

1 – teaspoon light brown sugar

½ – teaspoon kosher salt

¼ – teaspoon cornstarch

* * * * * *

4 – center-cut skin-on salmon fillets, 6 to 8 ounces each

Ground black pepper

1 – teaspoon vegetable oil

For Glaze:

3 – tablespoons light brown sugar

2 – tablespoons soy sauce

2 – tablespoons mirin (see note)

1 – tablespoon sherry vinegar

1 – tablespoon whole grain mustard

1 – tablespoon water

1 – teaspoon cornstarch

⅛ – teaspoon red pepper flakes


Preheat oven to 300F.

After I rinsed off the salmon and cut off the real thin parts, I placed them skin side down on paper towels and patted them dry.  I sprinkled them flesh side up with ground black pepper then applied the rub. (Sorry, these are all cellphone pics.)

Peppered and with rub applied. The rub has dissolved, by the way, so you can’t see it.

The glaze was next.  After mixing the ingredients together in a small sauce pot, I quickly brought it to a boil.  It quickly thickens; remove from heat and cover.  Set aside.


Heat a non-stick skillet and oil until very hot.  Place salmon flesh side down first and brown for one minute.  Flip and brown the skin side also for one minute, then transfer carefully to a baking sheet, skin side down.  (I have the wonderful Breville Smart Convection Oven, perfect for the small meals – and desserts – I make.)

Ready to serve!

Spoon the still warm glaze mixture liberally over the salmon, then bake in oven for 7-10 minutes.  Cook’s Illustrated says bake until an instant read thermometer reads 125F for you scientific cooks.  I did turn on the convection fan for the last three minutes.  The salmon came out wonderfully glazed and moist.

Plate and serve!


Note: Ever notice the white stuff that oozes out from your salmon at times?  It’s from using too high a heat.  It also indicates moisture has been squeezed out of the fish.

I also transferred the browned salmon to a baking sheet as my non-sticks are not oven safe.  If you have one that is oven safe, you can just throw the skillet right into the oven.

28 thoughts on “Glazed Salmon”

  1. Mmmm mmmm good – that ready to serve photo was my fav of the post – and speaking of jack liking anything with soy – we just tried some Triscuits that were brown rice and the had soy and wasabi – they were just “ok” but it was the first time I had the sky taste in a long time – and maybe have to cook with it this month –

    1. Some folks say soy sauce is not good for you… but then I say my dad will be 97 soon, my mom 92 and my aunt 90. Think of all the soy sauce they’ve consumed!

      What do you think about the latest terror attack (I’d you care to say)? 🙂

      1. Well interesting about the soy sauce – and the longevity of your family members does say something.
        I have come to realize that so much health comes down to a healthy bio terrain. And I think genetics and heritage plays a part into what each of us needs for optimal health – an old book by “Ann-Louise” noted that the kind of meat your body likes and how much of it often depends on your blood type and what your ancestors had- and I think I shared with you that for a long time I thought fat free and low salt was ideal and my body paid the price- I lacked precious fats – oils and salts! And so in my opinion on the soy sauce – I wonder if it is a lot like telling people to not have salt- when the body needs “real” salt and minerals and it is nasty table salt they need to avoid while repairing differ things in their terrain. And with soy sauce – I do not fully know – but this all natural aged sauce has been around for a long time and maybe the reason some folks have issues today is a corrupted bioterrain and the way their body has issues – like many people (most traditional docs) know nothing about root causes of disease and sometimes the herxheimer reaction makes someone blame an item when the person is actually having a healing response and so they label an item as bad when it is the terrain that is bad.
        Sorry to ramble…
        And with the shootings – my reaction right now is very grateful it was not thousands dead – heard they had remote explosives in a toy and other stuff and so very grateful it was not thousands – but still so sad – and pretty close to you wasn’t this?

    1. Sorry if I’ve been AWOL, AC… Too many distractions… especially with the directon our country is going – it’s really deathly divided. I worry about my kids future tremendously.

  2. Just got our Xmas present from our son Tony, who flies helicopters for the Coastguard out of Kodiak. He has come to love fishing. Our present: Salmon and Halibut. May have to try your recipe, Koji. –Curt

    1. You lucky man! Wow!

      I also apologize for being largely AWOL from WP as of late. While I believe our views may differ, I am gravely concerned of how divided our country has become, the unethical behavior of our elected officials no matter the party and our open invitation to terror attacks. I am gravely concerned about my children’s futures and safety…

      1. “I am gravely concerned about my children’s futures and safety…” As am I Koji, for a whole truckload of reasons. Terrorism is only the beginning. We have been walking on a tightrope poised above massive destruction our whole lives. In my next blog I discuss a visit I recently made to a Nike Missile site that is a relic of the Cold War. –Curt

  3. that sounds delicious and easy…thanks!
    Also, thanks VERY much for why that white stuff comes out! Am preparing salmon for a dinner party Monday night…lemon/chives/shallots/butter/white wine and dill….
    I’ll watch the HEAT 🙂

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