Ironman Naturally

So my oldest son – who is pursuing a doctorate in physical therapy – competed today in his first body building competition here in LA. It was called “Ironman Naturally”.





I also think Dr. Lynn would have done very well here, too.  She would’ve run away with a trophy!  One of the female contestants:


My son trained hard for today! Now he looks exactly like I did 40 years ago… LOL. Not.

15 thoughts on “Ironman Naturally”

  1. Thank you for that incredible compliment. I’ve always admired those with the dedication and fortitude to do what it takes to get up there on stage. You son is VERY impressive. All his hard work shows beautifully…what a wonderful, symmetrical, muscular physique! I loved seeing all the photos. I’ll bet that was a fun event for your son and for you too.

    1. Let’s not be over modest. The lady in the photograph doesn’t have as good muscles as you do. Have you ever thought of going into competitions like young Mr Kanemoto?

      1. Thank you for that lovely compliment. It sure put a smile on my face. I’ve never had a desire to compete. I think because I’m shy by nature and the idea of standing under the spotlight while a panel of judges tries to pick apart my physique seems horrible. I have my own eyes. I know what my strengths and weaknesses are without any help. Still, I know those who do compete really like the whole process. They get great motivation out of the competition. Even though I don’t want to get on stage myself I enjoy watching and cheering for those who do.

  2. I think I’ll get the exercise cycle out from the cellar and give it another go. Heartiest congratulations to your handsome son. I wish I could say that I have ever looked in such wonderful shape as he does, but alas….

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