7 thoughts on “How shall we judge blacks?”

  1. i went to the post, but comments are closed – and the quote that came to my mind was when Ben Carson was interviewed (long before he tried the politician thing) – well he said surgery was the best way to drop all racial opinions – because when you cut us open – we are all the same – HUMAN!

    1. Bingo, Yvette. And I truly feel that racism overall is blown way out of proportion by our untrustworthy media and political leadership for their own financial benefit.

  2. Dr.Carson is correct..no difference..we are all the same..except for the skin color..when he said that..I had so admiration for this fine man.

    1. Agreed. In fact, I wish the news outlets and politicians would stop referring to someone supporting a candidate as a green-American or purple-American or blue-American, if you get my gist. They’re just people.

  3. I may be wrong but the perception we are led to believe over here is that the combination of “white cop shoots black youth” is far, far more frequent than the other three. Equally the white cop is always let off. I don’t know if that’s true because I don’t live in the US. Is the BBC lying to me, or has the young woman just left this out of the argument?

  4. Good question, Sir. Statistically, yes, on both “perceptions”. That is to say that numerically, there are a number of such shootings. However, the term of “let off” may be best described as the officer had followed procedure, i.e., was warranted in his actions. However, the portion of the black population find that as a reason for excusable mass rioting and looting. That is part of this brave young lady’s presentation.

    As for the frequency, personally, NONE of the people I’ve known has had a family member shot by a cop during a law enforcement action. That is because they follow the orders of the police officer – mostly in traffic stops – as do I. None of my acquaintances have attacked cops, either, which is just common sense.

    The young lady’s presentation is accurate, imo. I also feel the news as presented by CNN and other main media fuel this situation by flooding the air waves of another “black youth shot by white cop” thing. Conversely, there are numerous murders of non-blacks by black perpetrators that barely make it to the news.

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